Polani B. Seshagiri  



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Our research team has a few research collaborations. Currently with Dr. S. Shivaji (CCMB, Hyderabad) on the assessment of sperm kinematic parameters during capacitation; Prof. Bernd Fischer (Martin Luther Univ., Halle, Germany) on the mechanism of blastocyst hatching; Prof. Rob Mason (DuPont Hospital, Willmington, DE) on the involvement of cyteine-proteases in blastocyst hatching; Prof. R. Medhamurthy (Dept of MRDG, IISc) on the primate follicular development and ovulation; Prof. R. Sukumar (Dept of CES, IISc) on the assessment of reproductive status of asian elephants and  Prof. P N Rangarajan (Dept of BC, IISc) on the significance of non-coding RNAs during early development.

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