Current Research Interests

The major research interests of my laboratory include genomic imprinting (epigenetics), genomics of male infertility, cellular and molecular basis of oral squamous cell carcinoma with the aim of finding diagnostic markers and/or therapeutic targets, molecular basis of mutations, and mapping and characterization of genes causing genetic disorders such as primary microcephaly, anencephaly, retinitis pigmentosa, otosclerosis, Parkinson’s and Wilson’s disease etc.

Collaborations with Clinicians

We would like to work on the genetics of any Mendelian disorder as long as pedigree(s) and blood samples are available.

Current Projects
  • Molecular biology of TSC1 and TSC2 tumor suppressor genes.
  • Understanding the cellular and molecular basis of oral cancer with the aim of identifying targets for therapeutic intervention.
  • Genetics and molecular biology of primary microcephaly (small brain) and the use of microcephaly as a model system to understand human brain development.
  • Genetics of anencephaly, otosclerosis , Parkinson’s and Wilson’s disease

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